Is The Bhojpuri Film Industry Heading the Right Way ?


Is The Bhojpuri Film Industry Heading the Right Way ? It been 6 years since the Bhojpuri film industry has been one of the most developing industries of the country. In this short span of 6 years, this industry has witnessed hundreds of movies, many of them hits and many, disastrous too. In fact, this industry has been improving its standards by each passing day, with many known producers trying their luck in this industry. And as far as I am concerned, this time seems to be the most appropriate for analyzing the current situation and future of this industry. With each passing day, Bhojpuri film industry seems to be getting famous. Some day you hear that N.N Sippy productions are joining this industry with MRITYUNJAY, some other day we hear that Neetu Chandra turns Bhojpuri film producer with DESWA. Every now and then, we also hear some famous personalities of Bollywood acting in some Bhojpuri movie. But the question remains the same, “Are we heading in the right direction” ? Ganga Mayya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo, Hamaar Bhauji, Bidesiya, Balam Pardesiya… When these movies arrived on screen, they touched the heart of a common man. These movies depicted the beauty, pain, joy and each feeling of every relationship so beautifully that they became evergreen movies of all time. Then we come to SASURA BADA PAISAWALA and another blockbuster, NIRAHUA RIKSHAWALA, these two movies connected to each audience because the protagonists in both the movies fought for their self respect against their own society. But right now, we are hardly able to see such connection made between the protagonist and the audience in any Bhojpuri movie.

There has been a new trend of remaking the south movies in Bhojpuri. But we haven’t analyzed one simple thing. The bhojpuri remakes of all the telugu and tamil hits will be seen by the Bhojpuri audience and not the south audience. We have to understand that its not the Rajnikanth’ Style that this Bhojpuri audience is crazy about, it’s the essence of Bhojpuri Maati . The Bhojpuri audience and the audience of south are way too different. Lets take the latest example, DABANGG, hindi movie with pure Bhojpuri essence. The movie was a hurricane all over India, not only in Uttar Pradesh whose backdrop was used in the movie. Almost each category of audience watched this movie. So now what the situation is, that we Bhojpuri people are moving towards South and Foreign culture and bollywood is now using the bhojpuria backdrop to generate such blockbusters. Sad, but true. Every now and then, some producer pops up claiming their movie to be the most advanced, action packed product Bhojpuri industry has ever witnessed. They need to understand that its not the technology, action scenes or star quotient that Bhojpuri movie audience thirsts for, rather its content which is always given the first priority. Manoj Tiwari became a super star with SASURA BADA PAISAWALA and Dinesh Lal Yadav with NIRAHUA RIKSHAWALA and both the movies are the biggest money churners of both the stars till date. No other movie starring Dinesh Lal Yadav or Manoj Tiwari has ever been near to these movies, reason being simple, their content was nowhere near to SASURA BADA PAISAWALA or NIRAHUA RIKSHAWALA. In past too, big producers-directors of bollywood have tried their hands at Bhojpuri namely Naresh Kumar, Shakti Samantha, Raj Khosla etc. but to no avail. We got to understand that only good movies can produce super stars but only super stars can not produce good movies.

Another big reason that may limit the development of the Bhojpuri film industry is while there are people sincerely working for the industry’s development, for raising the standards of the industry, there other people those who just don’t want to think about the content, quality and development of their movies and thus preventing the industry’s growth. The impression that I have got from their film making is that they have some fixed formula for the movie, get famous actors and actresses ,provide them lots of one liners, bumper action and at least 2-3 item songs and the movie is ready to be released. Actually, from the Bhojpuri movies I have seen in recent years, I have got the impression that a Bhojpuri movie can not be thought without an item song. Is it really so? I guess not. At the end of the day, like everyone knows, no one can provide any fixed formula for a blockbuster. But since we all are working in Bhojpuri film industry, lets try and make our efforts count, lets try to provide our audience products which we are actually proud of. Let the people see our creativity, our sincerity and the glory of Bhojpuri.




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mughe bhojpuri actor banana hai kya karna pdga tel me

Posted by : vikas kumar singh at 09:51:28 on 2012-12-29 Grab your chance to savor the music so enticing and enchanting. Download android application for free and enjoy back to back unlimited Bhojpuri songs on Spice Bhojpuri Radio. Click below link to download right now

Posted by : Tarsem at 17:33:17 on 2012-06-07

the makers have walked away due to the apathy of bhojpuri films audiences choice but the reversal of viewers is necessary for the survival of the industry. The producers and directors should present good movies minus vulgar, double meaning dialogues and lousy music which is bhoj version of hindi music and very ordinary lyrics. The family should come back to teh theatre!

Posted by : zeb khan at 23:51:36 on 2011-08-03

आज का भोजपुरी सिनेमा, अपने सबसे गंदे दौर से गुजर रहा है | भोजपुरी के नाम पर नंगी लड़कियाँ, भद्दे गाने और अशलील डायलाग्स बेचे जा रहे हैं | ये रवि किशन, निरहुआ, रानी चटर्जी, मोनालिसा सारे अनपढ़ लोग हैं,

Posted by : Amit at 04:40:59 on 2010-12-23

Jin bhojpuri film me action raha h wo jyada hit rahi hai.- eg.Nirahua rikshawala, Munna bajrangi, dharti putra, raja thakur, shiva, vidhaata, kaise kahi tohra se pyar se..,pratigya, Note-Aj ka sabse jyada filme hit dene wala hero Nirahua ko pablic isliye pasand krti h qki unke action hota tabi unki sabi film hit hoti h Info 9096002821

Posted by : TIWARIBABA at 11:53:00 on 2010-12-09

gr8 ............but how u can forget about MUNNIBAI was pur bhojpuriya super hit film...........

Posted by : jitesh dubey at 19:28:42 on 2010-10-06

..only good movies can produce super stars but only super stars can not produce good movies...great man..keep it up

Posted by : Vipin at 19:05:25 on 2010-10-06


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