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Kalpana Patowary Vs : The battle goes wilder

Mon,01 Nov 2010

Kalpana Patowary Vs : The battle goes wilder Recently, a statement given by the famous singer Kalpana Patowary has created waves all over the Bhojpuri industry. Few days ago, Kalpana had given a statement that “some political manipulative industry persons insulted me purely on the basis of their own opinion and not on facts”. She also said that the fact that she belonged Assam and not to UP or Bihar also kept many people guessing that this would be a threat to the people of UP and Bihar. This statement of Kalpana has evoked many Bhojpuri people who have shown their disagreement on this fact., a famous Bhojpuri social networking site has now claimed that Kalpana abused them due to the differences between them. This website claimed that Kalpana was previously banned from their website for promoting herself on their website about a year ago and that was the time Kalpana abused the website by sending a message containing abusive words. The website claimed that they did not publish this event at that time since they respected women’s dignity but now it is the height of their endurance. also provided a screenshot which, as claimed by the site, showed the abusive words used by Kalpana for them. Though, when we talked to computer experts, they said that the screenshot alone can not prove that it is true and a lot more information will be needed to authenticate this claim. Whatever may be the reason, the phase of counter charges have begun and it will be interesting to watch out for the events that will now take place.

Source : News Agencyभोजपुरी में पढ़ी



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सब कहे के बात बा भोजपूरी खातिर कोई भी कुछ न करेला/

Posted by : Dr.siddhartha Roy at 17:29:36 on 2012-07-15


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