DESWA will attract the educated bhojpuria audience : NITIN CHANDRA


Nitin Chandra has been constantly in the lime light ever since he has announced his ambitious bhojpuri movie DESWA. From his busy schedule, Nitin Chandra spared some precious time with our correspondant talkin bout his movie...

Question/प्रश्नFirst of all, directing and producing such a big budget movie in bhojpuri, how did the idea come around ?

Answer/उत्तरBhojpuri is my mother tongue. My mother is from Champaran and father from Buxar. I graduated in film education and completed masters degree from University of Pune. I was working with Tanuja Chandra and later Dibakar Banerjee as assistant director. The plight of bhojpuri cinema drawn my attention and I found that there is huge potential in this segment and thus I made a bhojpuri film.

Question/प्रश्नHow will DESWA be different from other bhojpuri movies ?

Answer/उत्तर DESWA is like any other world class film with real location, real characters, real situations and real performances. This kind of film is never made in the history of Bhojpuri Cinema. Only when you watch it, you will come to know what I am talking about.

Question/प्रश्नSources inform us that DESWA will also be screened in multiplexes, do you expect the multiplex audience to come and watch a bhojpuri movie ?

Answer/उत्तर DESWA is a movie which will attract the educated bhojpuria audience. There has been no attempt made to attract the educated bhojpuria segment of this country. Most of the bhojpuri films are laced with pornographic type images in form of dance numbers or double meaning dialogues. DESWA is clean, social and crime oriented film which will make you think. This is first Multiplex film in Bhojpuri.

Question/प्रश्न The normal bhojpuri audience is the one which pays 20,30,or 40 rs for the bhojpuri movies, do you expect them to go to mall for DESWA ?

Answer/उत्तर There is a very small segment of bhojpuri speaking people who see bhojpuri films and that is the reason why bhojpuri films are low on budget and poor in quality. Like I said the major segment of bhojpuri society doesnt see bhojpuri film and they are waiting see a classic bhojpuri film. But same time DESWA will be a hit with single screen audience too.

Question/प्रश्नDESWA's music has been much talked about... What is its specialty?

Answer/उत्तरFor the first time a bhojpuri film will witness biggest singers of this country like Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika, Swanand Kirkire, Sharda Sinha and Bharat Sharma Vyas together. Not a single track are inspired or copied from any other song like it is mostly done in other bhojpuri films.

Question/प्रश्नRather than choosing the stars from Bhojpuri film industry, u went for the bollywood faces, why ?


Answer/उत्तरThough I had approached some stars of bhopjuri but later I realised that this film need some realistic actors than stars, DESWA is a kind of movie which would have required acting which is real and subtle. It is a privilege that actors like Ashish Vidyarthi, Pankaj Jha and Neetu Chandra are contributing to the growth of bhojpuri cinema. We must celebrate this occasion, it is paving way to many other film makers.

Question/प्रश्नDoes this mean that while you are making international level bhojpuri movie, not a single actor of bhojpuri film industry is not capable of getting a role in it ?

Answer/उत्तर There are few faces in DESWA who have done bhojpuri movies in past. As you rightly said that this is International level bhojpuri cinema.

Question/प्रश्नWhen is it releasing?

Answer/उत्तरIt will be releasing most probably in January.




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hello sir good morning ..........

Posted by : prem unique at 05:17:12 on 2011-12-21

Respected NITINCHANDRA SIR myself BIPIN OJHA Maine bahut koshis ki aap se sampark karun, aapki company ka adress dhundha nahi mila, lachar hokar mai ye massege likh raha hun mai ek bhojpuri script writer hun aur maine tin script aur gaane likhe hai agar aap is massage ko padhkar koi rasta bataven to mere telant ki pariksha ho sake thank u mera no hai-09974359242 id

Posted by : BIPIN OJHA at 11:17:27 on 2011-12-12


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